SunTech participates in the Technology Evaluation Field at Shams Ma’an

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SunTech, one of the world’s leading Crystalline Photovoltaic (PV) cell and module manufacturers, has it’s PV system installed for evaluation at Shams Ma’an Evaluation Field.  The agreement between Shams Ma’an Power Generation PSC., and SunTech was signed earlier this year, confirming SunTech’s interests and commitments to proving its product’s performance in Jordan’s specific climate.


SunTech (NYSE: STP), a publicly traded company, is a fully integrated technology company, that manufactures one of the most reliable products in the industry, and has one of the largest production capacities in the business.  SunTech was one of two companies chosen for the MASDAR Pilot PV plant in the UAE a couple of years ago.


As announced back in May this year, the agreement between Shams Ma’an Power Generation and the National Center for Research and Development/ Energy Program (NERC), calls for the installation of an undisclosed number of specific-sized solar photovoltaic (PV) electric power generation systems.  The purpose of this Technology Qualification Works includes; research, technology evaluation and training opportunities, as well as a practical understanding of the various and latest PV power systems to date. 


The most important aspect of this evaluation would be to provide up-to-date, more accurate meteorological and irradiance data, providing valuable on-the-ground inputs vital to the optimization of Shams Ma’an power plants.  This will be one of several systems to be evaluated and pre-qualified as a technology.  The installed systems will have a real-time 24 hour data exchange capability, with proprietary data shared only with the suppliers.  Among other systems, SunTech’s participation affirms the strong interest and support for the Solar industry in Jordan, attracting the best in class in this business.


About Shams Ma’an.  Shams Ma’an develops Renewable Energy projects focused on the solar resource.

Shams Ma’an collaborates with top tier Solar technology owners/ suppliers, attracting state-of-the-art technologies, providing environmentally friendly solutions and services, as well as facilitating knowledge transfer and capacity building.  Shams Ma’an delivers solutions to battle the rising energy costs, lowering CO2 emissions, while contributing to the long term positive impact on the socioeconomics and the environment.