Solar PV Technology Qualification Works begins in Ma’an

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In a joint cooperation between the National Center for Research and Development/ Energy Research Program (NERC), and the Ma’an Development Company (MDC), Shams Ma’an Power Generation PSC, officially began its Solar Technology Qualification Works in Ma’an. 

The agreements between the parties entail the installation and the evaluation of an undisclosed number of solar electric power generation systems, in dedicated and secure areas, near the location of the future planned, Shams Ma’an Power Plant.  

This multi-dimensional value proposition uses photo-voltaic technologies (PV/CPV), that will include; research and development of various PV systems, training opportunities, and importantly, provide a practical proof-positive of the on-the-ground performance of the various products and technologies under consideration.  This real time, up-to-date, and accurate electrical performance measurements and output data, meteorological and irradiance data, not only provide valuable inputs vital to the optimization of the future Shams Ma’an power plant, but also serve the Ma’an area as a whole. 

These efforts are complimentary to the recently announced feasibility study that Kawar Energy and CH2M HILL launched a few weeks ago.  This cooperation further solidifies a long term relationship between the entities that includes the commitment of knowledge and experience exchange, while extending the arms of cooperation beyond the private sector, for future benefits and the public good.