EBRD Awards Gold to Shams Al Etisalat

Shams Al Etisalat

The annual EBRD Sustainability Awards celebrate the achievements of our clients in promoting environmental and social responsibility. For over 10 years EBRD have been proud to recognise those who demonstrate excellence and commitment to managing environmental and social issues, promoting energy efficiency, combating climate change and advancing inclusion.

The Sustainability Awards recognise achievements in five specific categories: sustainable energy, climate resilience, environmental and social best practice, environmental and social innovation, and gender and economic inclusion.

Sustainable Energy


Winner for this year’s Gold Award is Shams Al Etisalat Lil Taka PSC, Jordan.

The EBRD together with its partners is supporting a pioneering energy project in Jordan with a financial package of up to US$ 35 million. The project will enable the telecoms operator Orange Jordan to cover part of its demand with clean energy generated in solar plants. Shams Al Etisalat Lil Taka PSC was established in Jordan to design, build and operate the three 36.8 MWp solar photovoltaic plants for the project.  The plants will help the large telecom operator avoid c. 42,000 tCO2e emissions per year, which is particularly significant given the high energy needs for the development of 5G. The project demonstrates that essential energy needs can be met from indigenous, sustainable, renewable energy sources, and highlights the benefit of transitioning towards renewable energy by setting its management fee 74 per cent lower than the current regulated tariff paid by the off-taker. It also proves that the transition to clean energy sources can be achieved in a replicable, scalable, and economically viable manner. In addition, the project commits to a comprehensive Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) to address the issues associated with the project’s implementation and bring it in compliance with the EBRD’s E&S Policy.