Aqaba Logistics Village marks 2020 milestones in green energy, digitalisation

Aqaba Logistics Village

Aqaba Logistics Village (ALV), one of the Aqaba Development Corporation’s flagship logistics projects and “one of the most successful” Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Aqaba with APM Terminals and Kawar Group, inaugurates two main projects, “making 2020 a year of transformation into digital services and clean energy generation”, according to an ALV statement shared with The Jordan Times.  

ALV just completed the installation of its Photovoltaic Solar System to run completely on green energy, thereby “setting an example for the optimal and efficient use of clean energy resources”. The village is also gradually replacing its diesel-powered forklifts with electric ones.  

These green initiatives highlight the feasibility of pursuing cleaner operations while at the same time improving the company’s financial performance. These initiatives are also consistent with the values of its shareholders, APM Terminals and Kawar Group, guaranteeing a safe environment at ALV for its employees, customers, contractors and visitors, the statement read. 

ALV is handling all consolidated shipments to and from Jordan through its new tracking portal,, and offering an electronic payment option via eFAWATEERcom.

Among other smart services available on its web portal, ALV provides shipment tracking, invoice preparation and a vessel index by container agents.

These new services are the beginning of ALV’s journey towards digitalisation and “in full support of Aqaba’s ambition to become the modern multi-modal integrated logistics cluster of the future”, the statement said.