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With its mind set on flourishing Jordan’s IT sector and reviving the Reach Initiative in which Kawar Group has largely invested thorough the past years; Kawar Group’s investment arm has implemented an aggressive strategy in 2006 when it accumulated a controlling stake in Al Faris National Company for Investment & Export (CEBC), the first IT company to go public on the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE).

The company’s capital was raised to JD25 million Jordanian Dinars, allowing the company to launch an bold wave of acquisitions and mergers targeting the most promising and well-established companies of diverse specializations, in order to create one company that speaks for Jordan’s IT sector, and that can tap the underserved, and lucrative, regional IT market worth hundred of millions of dollars.

Optimiza was launched to become the leading provider of management consulting, technology enablement and outsourcing services and solutions in the region.

With offices spanning the Middle East and North Africa, Optimiza team will be the first regional world-class team to provide end-to-end transformational consulting and technology solutions to enable organizations to improve performance and align processes and systems with strategies to achieve better goals.

Setting the model for the mergers and acquisitions approach, Optimiza is currently concluding deals to acquire companies in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lybia and the United Arab Emirates to grow the business.

Iris guard

At the cutting edge of biometrics, IrisGuard has created a modular and scalable real-time iris recognition system that is one of the most accurate in the world today. Already implemented at the United Arab Emirates International Airports, IrisGuard has proven its practical viability in today’s security-conscious world.

With comprehensive systems installed in deportation centers and linked up with those installed in police centers, ports, airports and immigration on borders, over 100,000 unwanted reentry attempts into the UAE were caught. The systems also identified over 300,000 persons violating their visit visas, many of whom were working without permits.

The potential is enormous for the iris recognition’s applications. IrisGurad expects banks to start using this technology in ATM machines, allowing users’ access without inputting passwords. The company has expanded its markets to South Africa and India and other smaller markets. Even the World Food Program has installed the Kawar Group’s technology for their food distribution operations in Indonesia.

"We developed our own camera by licensing the Iridan technology… now our system is one of the best on the market as we upgraded the camera.
Kawar Group is spearheading the development of the two-eye authentication system recognizing iris while in motion from a farther distance and in dimmer light environments and even when the pupil dilutes.

The portal “” pronounced as (Dewanjee) is the latest innovations of the Kawar Group. is designed to be one advanced portal in the world with a unique Arabic search engine and modern services which should engage more of the Middle Eastern citizens (mainly Arabic-speaking)to use the Internet and to benefit from the numerous services that are offered through the world wide web.

The bilingual interface and the advanced service offerings that D1G provide for users of all age brackets will enable its growth as the largest and most popular Arab community on the net. The portal retrieves online and offline data, integrates it and present it to the user in a very smooth and easy to surf style.

Numerous value added services are offered to the users through this portal including: news feeds, blogs, email accounts with unlimited space, photo albums, chatting services, clips, daily caricatures and more…

The very talented team behind this company is leading an exponential growth of the page-views and the registered users’ numbers when considering the very recent history of the company thus promising a landslide penetration of the regional market.

Heidelberg Jordan was formed to support the growing needs of newspapers, publishers, design houses, industrial packaging producers, and commercial printers in Jordan. With the world-acclaimed Heidelberg name and as the authorized dealer for Apple Computer in Jordan, Heidelberg Jordan is the one-stop-shop for the niche printing industry.

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