Moving into the healthcare industry was a natural fit after Kawar’s advances in information technology led to the development of cutting edge health care management systems.

The flagship of Kawar’s contribution to Jordan’s healthcare sector is NatHealth. This is the first Third-Party Administrator (TPA) for medical claims in Jordan. NatHealth is driven by a world-class web-based platform called e-Claim that gives clients the power to process and extract medical information. e-Claim’s international standards ensure effective claims processing and allow for tighter, more secure control of expenses and correct disbursement.

NatHealth is expanding regionally as a franchise, and promises to be at the forefront of healthcare technology as it implements new smart card systems and client-based data portals. This will be coupled with an approach to rates negotiation that harnesses economies of scale for our clients’ benefit. At the end of the day, all of this means more savings and better rates for our clients, and a simpler way to make healthcare management less cumbersome.

Advanced Medical Equipment (AME)

In addition to NatHealth, the Kawar Group serves the healthcare market through Advanced Medical Equipment (AME), representing world-class manufacturers and market leaders in medical equipment. AME is committed to supplying the latest in medical equipment, with a strong ethic of customer service and people's well-being our priority.

AME has pioneered offerings like capital medical equipment leasing and revenue sharing in the Jordanian market, and has also undertaken turnkey project solutions for its clients. It has further expanded its solid base in Jordan to encompass regional markets, with regular sales of medical equipment to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Sudan and Kazakhstan.

These are prime examples of how Kawar Group, in partnership with world leaders in the field, has contributed to promoting Jordan’s reputation as a premier healthcare provider.

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