Trade & Project Development

A very active company in Kawar Group, Kawar International began with international trade and has extended its reach to span various business development functions.

Today, it is well-positioned to launch turnkey projects and businesses that leverage privatization and increasing free trade.

Kawar International has also been the driving force behind several major projects including cement factories, water treatment facilities, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), and other ventures. The subsidiary is growing quickly and now represents an impressive line-up of leading suppliers and contractors who seek the expertise and industry recognition possessed by Kawar in Jordan and the region.

Kawar International is responsible for forming and leading the consortiums that bid for major BOT or BOOT projects that Kawar Group participate in. Recently Kawar International has acted as the strong link between World-renowned names in the infrastructure, trade and logistics when preparing propositions on significant projects that took place in Jordan.




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