As part of its entrepreneurial activity Kawar Group continues to invest in a range of business ventures that support the economic development of the region. Some of its more innovative investments include:


Launched in 2004, Xpress Telecommunications was the first Arab company in the Middle East to introduce Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) technology. Powered by Motorola, the Direct Connect service enables one-to-one and one-to-many communication, adding efficiency to work teams and individuals.

Energy Management Services (EMS)

EMS was established in 1991 as the first Energy Service Company (ESCO) in the Middle East. Ever since, the company’s mission developed to make it the leading organization in the field of energy efficiency. With projects conducted across the region, EMS offers complete solutions ranging from market analysis, programme development, technical support, to solution design, streamlining energy management and consumption for all types of organizations.


Rubicon's vision is to provide high quality, value-added products and services that make education entertaining and make entertainment educational.

Established in 1994 with less than five employees, Rubicon today has more than 170 employees and a strong international presence in e-training/e-education, animation and multimedia profiling. Its animated series “Ben and Izzy” features high-profile voice actors and is already gaining attention as a groundbreaking concept for an educational show that can cross cultures and promote tolerance between East and West.

Crumz (Good Harvest Company)

Quickly becoming one of the trendiest hangouts for different age groups in West Amman, Crumz has made a name for itself as a top-notch multi-outlet bakery and a comfortable place to have a delicious meal or cup of coffee. In fact, Crumz is arguably the first bakery café in Jordan, combining high quality bread and pastries with the convenience of a restaurant café to suit the needs of its customers.

Ahiya’a Amman Real Estate Company

Founded in Autumn 2004, with a paid-up capital of JD 5 million, Al-Asreyah Real Estate is primarily focused on the revival of old neighbourhoods in Amman. Most notably, the Jabal Amman Urban Renewal Project promises to create a modernized district with an updated infrastructure, while preserving the historical “city-village” charm of one of Amman’s first neighbourhoods.

To this end, the company has already acquired 19 properties in the Jabal Amman area. With its prime location overlooking the downtown area, the renovated Jabal Amman area will be a vibrant place for work and entertainment, and will attract more tourists with its improved landscaping and its network of stairs connecting it to Downtown Amman.

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