Eras of Success

Kawar Group began in a most unlikely fashion. In 1925, the late Amin Kawar settled in Trans-Jordan, establishing the first pharmacy in the country. He was later appointed as the pharmacist to His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah bin Al-Hussein, founder of the Emirate of Trans-Jordan and the first King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Discovering Phosphate in Jordan…
In 1935, Amin Kawar’s interest in mining and geology, coupled with reports of oil excavations, led him to discover reserves of phosphate in the railway cuttings by Russeifah, just 15 kilometers north of Amman. This was the stepping-stone for the creation of the Trans-Jordan Phosphate Company, which later became the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC).
Establishing the Shipping Giant
Exporting the newfound phosphate initially through Haifa, then via Beirut and finally Aqaba after the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, the export of phosphates from Jordan precipitated the activation of Aqaba as a vital gateway serving Jordan and the Middle East.
It did not take the founders long to introduce phosphate as Jordan’s valuable export to the world. With the certainty of leaving Aqaba loaded with phosphate, shipping lines added Aqaba to the map of regional ports.
Ships would bring in goods like steel, lumber and tea from Europe, Asia, and later North American ports and leave Aqaba loaded with phosphate.
By 1955, Tawfiq Kawar, Amin’s son – at that time the export manager of JPMC – decided to establish a shipping business that enjoyed the contacts and relationships established by both father and son.
With associate companies serving Italy, Yugoslavia, Germany, the United Kingdom, India, and Japan, the Kawar Group quickly became the leading shipping agent in Jordan, and it continues to hold this position today.
The spark plug for investing in Information and communication Technology in Jordan
The new generation of Kawar executives expanded group businesses to reflect market growth and changing demands in Jordan. Subsequent expansion saw the setting up of companies in the information technology sector leading the country’s 21st century vision and identifying its niche in the value added services’ market that capitalizes on Jordanian talent.
Furthermore the new generation embarked on investments in various sectors, and in a multitude of companies and industries, spanning from Mobile and radio telecommunication operator to real estate and energy projects.

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